Ways To Treat Damaged Skin Barrier

Ways To Treat Damaged Skin Barrier

Skin barrier plays a highly significant role in providing adequate skin protection. Our skin consists of layers. The outermost is called the stratum corneum, also regarded as the brick wall. The skin cells in this region are pretty tough, known as corneocytes that connect via lipids. In other words, this is the skin barrier.

There is keratin and natural moisturizers present inside the skin cells. While cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids are present in the lipid layer. Without the brick wall, your skin can become a victim to pathogens and immensely harmful environmental toxins. With a damaged skin barrier, your body will experience extreme dehydration due to water evaporation. Basically, you are likely to suffer from intense health problems without the skin barrier. Therefore it is vital to incorporate only the best skincare products to avoid grave skin concerns.

Factors That Can Damage Skin Barrier

Interestingly it is not only the external factors but some of the internal ones that can also lead to damaging the skin barrier, such as:

  • Extremely dry or humid environment
  • Skincare products with harsh chemicals
  • Usage of steroids
  • Pollutants or allergens
  • Over exfoliation, irritants, or usage of alkaline detergents
  • Genetic factors that can lead to skin-related allergies

How To Know If Skin Barrier Is Damaged?

If you are experiencing any mentioned below skin-related concerns, your skin barrier is likely going through some damage:

  • Discolored patches
  • Inflamed areas
  • Skin infections such as fungus or bacteria
  • Itchiness or acne issues

Tips To Save The Skin Barrier In Few Easy Steps

You have to implement measures that can maintain your skin barrier along with the acid mantle. such as:

Follow A Simple Skincare Routine

With natural skincare products, you can see a vast positive difference in the overall skin texture. You can use a cleanser or soap for washing your face. And a good moisturizer for us afterward. With organic products such as Apple Pie Soap or Charcoal and tea tree soapyou can see a significant change and a beautiful glow within a short period. If you prefer exfoliating, then observe how the skin reacts to it. Specific brushes and scrubs can probably damage the skin barrier. However, it is best to contact the dermatologist to opt for the correct skincare products.

Focus On The pH

The skin’s acid mantle is around pH OF 5.7, while certain skincare products range between 3.7 to 8.2. Therefore, it is essential to use the one that lies closer to your skin’s pH value. By balancing the pH levels, your skin can stay plump and smooth. If the skin regimen consists of too many products comprised of harsh chemicals, it is indeed bad news.

Use Healthy-ingredient Moisturizers

Occlusive moisturizers can help a great deal in providing a solid protective layer and at times protect around 99 percent of water loss. It would help if you used the moisturizer suitable for you. A good one will help the skin barrier from going through intense water loss.


Safeguarding the skincare barrier should be your primary concern as it is the vital factor that keeps you healthy and younger-looking. The skin barrier has a significant role in protecting the external environment. You can save your skincare barrier from damage with the proper skincare routine followed by natural skincare products. It is better to look for any signs causing irritation, redness, or other reaction. If you want to recover, the essential thing you can do is simplify your regimen.

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Love & Celebrate Skincare This Valentine

Love & Celebrate Skincare This Valentine

Valentine’s day is just a week away, which means you will prep to look best for this day. You might have booked a table at your favorite restaurant and must have also decided on the outfit you will wear for your date. But have you prepared your skin for this special day? Your skin wants love too to look good without even makeup on.

That’s why we bring you some tips on how to get your skin in tip-top shape to celebrate skincare this valentine.

Without wasting much time, let’s hop in!

1.    Emanate Natural Glow With Cleansing

Though makeup can hide your blemishes and polish your look for valentine’s day, there is nothing more lovely than emanating the natural glow. Pollution, dust, and smoke stick to your skin in the daytime, making it dull. That’s why cleansing your skin every day is non-negotiable.

You can simply select a natural cleanser infused with organic ingredients, such as a cucumber facial cleanser or green tea facial cleanser. Such natural cleansers are suitable for all skin types as they are chemical-free and do not hurt skin in any way.

2.    Remove The Debris With Exfoliation

Using facial cleanser daily is a must but exfoliating your skin is also very important. Dead skin cells and oil on your skin clog the pores over time, inviting skin problems like blackheads and breakouts.

Hence, you must use a face scrub to remove the dead skin’s debris and reveal your natural glow. You can also use almond milk facial scrub to avoid rashes or irritation.

3.    Nourish Your Skin With Moisturizer

Nourished skin is an underestimated secret to glowing skin. When your skin is dehydrated, the flakes appearing make you look patchy and dull. That’s why to get glowing skin; it is crucial to moisturize it well with a good moisturizer. You can look for skincare products infused with natural ingredients this valentine; for example, a honey almond lotion will work best for all skin types.

4.    Pamper Your Pout With Lip Balm

Exfoliate your lips the night before your date night with a gentle lip scrub. Removing these dead skin cells will help treat chapped lips and improve the look and application of lipstick.

Just remember to hydrate your lips with your favorite lip balm after exfoliating.

5.    Keep Your Skin Supple With A Healthy Diet

When it comes to self-love and skincare, a healthy diet means a lot because when you are healthy from the inside, it will show on your skin directly. Have food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Eat broccoli, olive oil, seeds, nuts, spinach, watermelon, bananas, etc. it will make your body and skin healthy. Remember to say NO to sugar!

6.    Stay Hydrated With Aqua

Plain water can do wonders to our skin and body. It helps to throw away all the toxins from our bodies and is visibly seen on our skin. So, drink ample water throughout the day and avoid intake of caffeine & alcohol.

Looking For Quality Skincare Products?

Now you know how to love your skin on this crucial day and promote self-care before it’s too late.

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