National Creativity Day: Get Creative With Skincare

National Creativity Day: Get Creative With Skincare

The National Creativity Day is celebrated all around the world on May 30. This special day was founded to honor and celebrate everyone who creates new things each day.

When we talk about skincare and creativity, it starts from the inside. Skin issues often arise when you are not healthy internally. Generally speaking, acne, redness, skin swelling, dryness, oiliness, inflammation, and uneven skin tone can all be tied back to internal imbalance, diet, hormones, and digestive function. All these facts play a major role in our skin’s appearance.

Everything is connected – your skincare regime, lifestyle, and diet have a huge impact on your skin. You need to be creative about the skincare products you are using and look closely at what you eat, your sleep cycle, and your water intake.

Ensuring that you feel and look good is a natural part of being creative in skincare. When you are perfect mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you will have more time and energy to spend on creative outlets.

Below are some tactics to learn about your skin on a cellular level.

So, build your skincare regime creatively with us and get smooth and radiant skin this year.

1.    Examine Your Skin Care Regime

The first step to flawless makeup has a good skin regime. Good skin is the doorway to your makeup looking at its best. If you are unsatisfied with your makeup coverage, your skin is at the root of the issue. It is crucial to invest in skincare that supports healthy-looking skin and boosts its natural glow.

You can successfully support healthy skin by using organic skincare products free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful ingredients, such as cucumber facial cleanser, rosewater facial toners, almond milk facial scrub, etc.

Cleansing the skin is the initial step in preserving healthy-looking skin. It helps remove the buildup of dirt, oil, and other environmental particles. We also recommend scrubbing two times a week to rub out all the dead skin cells from your face. Toners are also beneficial to use once the skin is cleansed and before It is moisturized. They help in restoring the skin’s pH level. Lastly comes the moisturizing phase to make your skin radiant and aging-free.

2.    Practice Stress Management Techniques

Does your skin break out more when you are under stress? Stress causes the body to make hormones like cortisol, which tells your skin glands to produce more oil and oily skin prone to acne and other skin problems.

When you are stressed, try doing self-care, yoga, and meditation combined with your favorite essential oils.

3.    Evaluate Your Diet

It has been recommended that acne is at its root an inflammatory disease. Food like refined grains, dairy, gluten, processed foods, and sugars may add inflammation. Try switching your food regime by eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables. All those vitamins and minerals will help fight inflammation.

4.    Work Out For At Least 30 Minutes

Exercise escalates your blood oxygen and releases contaminants through sweat, leading to clearer, shiner skin. Wash your face with a green tea facial cleanser after breaking a sweat, and don’t forget to use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

5.    Consume an Adequate Amount Of Water Daily

Water is crucial for healthy skin. You can apply all the moisturizing creams and serums you want, but they will show on your face if you are chronically dehydrated. Water helps boost your metabolism, flush out pollutants, circulate nutrients throughout the body, and hydrate skin cells.

Buy Quality Skincare Products Online

Remember to follow this skincare routine that we have creatively designed for you, and don’t forget to take a goodnight’s sleep of 7-8 hours at least.

If you want to purchase quality skincare products at an affordable price, consider Skinsation Naturally. We got everything in our pockets for you that can make your skin shine and smooth.

6 Beauty Tips To Try Out This Mother’s Day

6 Beauty Tips To Try Out This Mother’s Day

Whether you’re a skincare junkie or are a newbie in the beauty world, your ultimate goal is to have flawless, glowing skin. After all, nothing boosts your confidence like healthy-looking skin can, specially on Mother’s Day.

While you may think that building a skincare routine is the key to a flawless complexion, there’s more to it than that. So, this Mother’s day, we round up some of the best-kept skincare solutions, hacks, and rules every woman should incorporate into their daily life.

Essential Beauty Tips To Try Out

With so many skincare solutions on the market, finding the right skincare items and establishing a solid skincare routine can be tough. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Every skin expert we speak to has emphasized the importance of hydration. Water isn’t the key to a healthy body; it’s also essential for keeping your skin looking great. A lack of water can cause the skin to look drab.

Drinking water and staying hydrated have been reported in numerous studies to prevent breakouts and acne, increase hydration, and leave your skin with a natural glow.

  • Wear Sun Protection

Wearing sunscreen and protecting your skin from the sun are among the best things you can do for your skin. Many people believe they only need sun protection on sunny days or when going to the beach, but that’s far from the case. Daily UV exposure can damage your skin and show signs of aging down the road.

That’s why wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30, or greater is critical for keeping your skin looking radiant and beautiful.

  • Always Cleanse Your Skin

Since your skin gets exposed to dirt, oil, and debris every day, it’s best to remove those impurities regularly, morning and evening. You can buy almond milk facial scrub to clean your face as your routine. That will contribute to keeping your skin clear and healthy. However, your skin will be more susceptible to acne, dryness, and premature aging without proper cleansing.

Treating your skin kindly from the inside and the outside will leave you looking great and feeling fantastic. And making the switch to natural and organic skincare products is a good place to start.

Here are some of the benefits of natural over synthetic skincare products:

  1. Natural skincare is made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, peppermint, shea butter, etc., making them highly effective in treating several skin conditions.
  2. Free from chemicals, natural products benefit people who suffer from skin sensitivities.
  3. Devoid any chemicals made with pure ingredients; organic skincare products show visible results without any side effects.
  4. Keep A Check On Your Diet

While we often use skincare products to care for our skin, our diet also plays a major role in revitalizing our skin from the inside. What you eat is important because your skin is one of the first places to show signs of sun damage, poor nutrition, inadequate sleep, and other less-than-healthy lifestyle habits.

Take care of your skin by eating antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, healthy fats from fish and nuts, and adhering to a balanced diet.

  • Get Proper Sleep

With hectic schedules and mounting responsibilities, getting eight hours of sleep a night may not always be possible. However, the importance of a good night’s sleep is beneficial to your overall health and your skin. When you sleep, your body gets to recover and recharge. But, if you’re continually pulling all-nighters and only sleeping a few hours a night, your skin will pay the price. So, rest up!


Your skin is a brilliant reflection of how well you feel on the inside. That’s why you must take care of your skin and pamper it from time to time. Incorporating these above-given beauty tips into your lifestyle will help you get the brighter, glowing complexion you desire.

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5 Reasons Why Your Skin May Look Dull And Tired

5 Reasons Why Your Skin May Look Dull And Tired

While the weather is often a common cause of dull skin, it might not always be the only case with everyone. Your skin can turn dull and tired if you are not taking proper care of it. Tired skin looks rough, bumpy, and lackluster. Therefore, it is vital to know the skin type to choose suitable skincare products for yourself.

Some of the reasons that turn your skin look lifeless and dull are as follows:

Lack Of Hydration

There is a strong connection between the amount of water you drink and your skin’s health. Your need enough intake of water, so your skin stays properly hydrated. Otherwise, you may experience uneven complexion, fine lines, and at times appearance of wrinkles.

Insufficient Moisture

Dryness can become a massive skin concern. It can sometimes result in intense skin allergies, especially if you live in a climate with extremely low humidity. Lack of adequate moisture can leave the skin in an immensely dry condition. And if left dry for a prolonged period, it can cause serious damage.

Dead Skin Cells

It is a natural process for our skin to shed dead cells for new ones. However, sometimes these dead cells are not scrapping off the way they should, resulting in accumulation on the surface. As a result, skin appears flaky, dry, and patchy. While our skin’s renewal abilities decline with age, the build-up damages our skin even more.

Usage of Tobacco

Smoking is not just detrimental to the environment but your skin too. It plays a vital role when premature skin is aging. Moreover, smoking can harm collagen production and negatively impact the elastic fibers and connective tissues. It also has the power to pace up the oxidative stress in the skin cells. In turn, it increases the aging process that moves to dull-looking skin.


We know aging is inevitable, and it can play a significant role in turning our skin tired and lifeless. But with the right skincare regimen, things can turn around.

Ways To Get Rid Off Dull And Tired-Looking Skin

Use Organic Products

Skinsation Naturally knows the noteworthy results organic products can bring to even a skin going through the worst conditions. Therefore, we have various skincare products from apple pie soap, coffee exfoliating soap, lavender rosemary oil, and more that work wonders for every skin type. They give your skin a touch of perfection and remove all the dullness.

Be Gentle

You wouldn’t want to take harsher steps when it comes to skincare. If you have to apply makeup regularly, make sure to remove it properly; otherwise, it may clog the pores. It is best to avoid harsh soaps or scrubs, resulting in skin redness, tightness, flakiness, or intense irritation. You can start by using a cleansing oil to remove the makeup without damaging the skin’s top layer. Apply a gentle cleanser to wash all the unnecessary dirt and oil. You can use our cucumber facial cleanser or green tea facial cleanser that makes you feel refreshed.

Use Mild Water

Our skin doesn’t need any harsh treatments to retain its glow. Therefore it is vital to avoid using hot water and any harsh soaps; Both can strip the skin from its natural oils, resulting in extreme irritation and dryness. The best way is to go for lukewarm water followed by a moisturizer. Constituents such as shea butter, coconut oil, or almond oil can be extremely beneficial for maintaining the skin’s moisture.


The condition of your skin depends heavily on your lifestyle choices. Our radiance-enhancing skincare products are worth trying because they promise positive results and help control shine all day. Moreover, by adding a good diet plan, you can improve the overall skin’s health and boost its natural radiance.

Tips To Prepare Your Skin For Changing Weather

Tips To Prepare Your Skin For Changing Weather

Skin is the largest and most dynamic organ of our body and is also the first line of defense against many infections. When the weather changes, most of us accommodate our clothes as per the climate, but why don’t we do the same with our skincare products?

When the weather is cold, your skin tends to dry and can even lead to cracked skin if not taken care of correctly. And when it’s hot, your skin can turn oily, and your pores might get clogged. Customizing your skincare routine is crucial for healthy and supple skin.

Following are some tips that help you prepare your skin for the changing weather.

Let’s dive in!

1.    Use Of SPF Sunscreen

There is a common misunderstanding that sunscreen needs to be used only in summers or when the sun is shining bright. Even in cloudy weather conditions and winters, UVA and UVB rays can penetrate and cause sun damage. The use of sunscreen with SPF of more than 30 and UVA/UVB protection is a must in all weather.

2.    Avoid Over-Washing Your Face

Another common delusion is that if there is excess sebum production in winters, one tends to over-wash and over-exfoliate their face. That can strip the natural lipid barrier over the skin and trigger breakouts.

Washing your face twice daily with a good cleanser like a cucumber facial cleanser is sufficient for your skin in both seasons.

3.    Do Not Forget Your Hair

Our hair and scalp are as subtle to changes in weather as is our skin. Thus, using mild shampoos such as mint shampoo with lukewarm water and conditioner help maintain your hair and make them smell good and fresh.

If there is excess sebum production causing dandruff and oily hair, antiseptic shampoos using salicylic acid or ketoconazole may be beneficial. Also, moistness and sun protection of lips and nails are equally crucial as the rest of your skin in every weather, especially in winters, because the lips get extremely dry and chapped due to lack of humidity. In that case, you need to add lip balm like cherry bliss lip balm or coconut lip balm to your daily skincare regime.

4.    Switch Makeup And Skincare Products

You need to switch makeup and skincare products as per the weather. Spring and summer call for more breathable and lighter-weight formulations like serums, mousses, and gel-based moisturizers that don’t clog pores or look cakey. In winter, your makeup and skincare must contain more hydrating items like cream-based cleansers and foundation, cold creams, face oils, etc.

In winters, one tends to use warm water to wash the face and body; ensure using tap water keeps the skin refreshed without feeling dry or stretched.

5.    Watch What You Eat!

You are what you eat! You cannot eat a bowl of chips, wholesome snacks, or fried items and expect to have nice, glowing skin. The adage is relevant, and several skin-friendly foods can help your skin stay soft, supple, and radiant.

Almonds are a wholesome nut that contains healthy fats and Vitamin E, which have been shown to impart anti-aging properties that may benefit skin health. Food containing Vitamin E protects the skin from cell damage and supports healthy growth. Similarly, intake of protein-rich and anti-oxidant-rich food is a must for healthy skin and hair.

Overall, it’s crucial to have a balanced diet that includes seasonal fruits, nuts, and vegetables for healthy skin. Water consumption also plays a big role in keeping your skin healthy and supple. One should consciously drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Avoid salty foods and sugary drinks. If you want to eat something sugary, you could probably enjoy eating dark chocolate.

Get Quality Skincare Products For Every Season

Maintaining a skincare regime based on weather is crucial to nourishing, healthy, and soft skin.

If you want to buy high-quality skincare products for every weather, you can contact Skinsation Naturally anytime. We have a range of skincare solutions stored for you!

How Can Scented Candles Uplift and Calm Your Mood

How Can Scented Candles Uplift and Calm Your Mood

Undoubtedly, using some of the best skincare products can be the best form of self-care. And it does make one mood turn cheerful. Interestingly, there are other simple yet equally effective ways to make us happy and mentally peaceful. One of the ways includes the use of “scented candles.” While some of you may find it hard to believe, they leave a lasting and calming effect on one’s mood.

Let’s discuss whether scented candles can bring a difference to our moods or not:

More Than Something To Burn

A candle is an amazing piece of décor that adds to the aesthetics of your room and gives out a splendid fragrance that elevates the mood. It is an incredible therapeutic tool that leaves a lasting effect on an individual. The mental health benefits of scented candles are countless and therefore play a significant role when it comes to aromatherapy. Numerous studies show that candle scents have the power to leave the mind and the body in a peaceful state. Due to a psychological effect, it greatly improves stress and overall mood. Tahitian Vanilla Soy Candle is an amazing example of a quality candle. Some research shows that fragrances affect brain waves and result in beneficial outcomes. If you are facing issues with sleeping properly, scented candles can offer you a solution for that. The candle’s flame can have a warming and soothing effect that helps the mind quiet down and ease the eyes, taking them into a tranquilizing state.

A Beautiful Ambiance

Candles can change the entire ambiance of a room, transforming it into a beautifully scented room. They can help you meditate and turn your other activities such as a shower or enjoying a date into a wonderful time.

Relaxes The Mind

You can go with herbal or floral aromas such as peppermint or lavender to change the entire room’s mood. They can also help with treating varying physiological or psychological issues. They are capable of even dealing with problems such as anxiety or depression. While calming the mood, they also assist in eliminating the symptoms of stress while bringing down cortisol levels. Interestingly, there are candles specially made to activate certain brain chemicals such as dopamine or serotine. Both play a vital role in elevating a positive mood.

Improved Mood, Better Sleep

It would be best to consider purchasing some soy wax candles to turn that gloomy mood into a cheerful one. There are candles with scents that help stimulate the brain’s memory. And it can leave a positive effect on the memory and emotions if you are going through a stressful situation and need some time out.

The overwhelming life events can play a major role in disrupting sleep. But a beautiful candlelight evening can turn things around. Without a doubt a great way to distract oneself from technology, especially cell phones, for a while. These days, some of the best candles are made from soy and beeswax. They are not just good for you but also for the environment. They work quite effectively in offering us much-needed positive energy, ease, and joy. A scented candle is surely a simple and yet so valuable piece of component that can provide ultimate peace and calmness to one’s mind and body.


You can turn usage of scented candles into a beautiful ritual to help yourself do some self-reflection. According to some psychologists, it can leave substantial, positive effects on mental health. It’s essential to take out some time for one’s self-care.

You can find some of the most beautiful scented candles from Skinsation Naturally.We offer some of the most amazing prices. Buy those scented candles and give yourself an evening of relaxation because you deserve it.

How To Appreciate Your Skin This Women’s Day?

How To Appreciate Your Skin This Women’s Day?

Women are the most beautiful and blissful gift of God to mankind. Of course, we wouldn’t be here today if not for our mothers. For a woman, nothing is impossible. She can be a pilot; she can be an army; she can be an engineer or a scientist. A woman can go to work each day like her spouse and effortlessly handle the household chores. She can tirelessly adapt to several roles, from a lovely daughter to a proud wife and then a sacrificing mother.

Different religion gives different level of importance to a women’s character. Still, everyone synchronizes on this statement that this delicate-looking figure is the strongest in every role no matter what she does!

This women’s day, we bring you a new way of skincare to boost your confidence and achieve impossible milestones with your beauty and intelligence.

Let’s dive in to know the secret to beautiful skin this women’s day!

1.    Recover Energy From Lavender Bath Bomb

Using lavender vanilla bath bombs could help you balance the pH level in your body. It also helps exfoliate and cleanse the skin and has relaxing and soothing benefits. Its aroma acts as a pain reliever, thus helping uplift mood.

How to use: Add the lavender vanilla bath bomb into your bathtub containing warm water. Stir the water and settle in to soak your body into this mesmerizing bath experience.

2.    Revive Your Skin With Rose Oil

Late night work routine and an erratic diet can cause the skin to react and behave abnormally. Skin dullness is the most common after-effect. The presence of retinol, a natural compound occurring in rose oil, helps maintain the skin’s glow and elasticity.

How to use: Spread a few droplets of rose oil on your face regularly to have flawless glowing skin from inside. This will let you shine brightly at work and all the celebrations you attend on women’s day.

3.    Hydrate Your Skin With Ylang Ylang Toner

Ylang Ylang light face toner hydrates and refreshes your skin after a busy day. This toner with moisture-binding humectants helps prep skin for proper moisture absorption. The essential oil Ylang Ylang present makes the skin hydrated and gives a playful aroma that will leave you wondering with all the floral goodness.

How to use: You can also make Ylang Ylang DIY toner by using its essential oil or, otherwise, if you want to save your time, you can purchase it from Skinsation Naturally. Spray the toner directly to your face after cleansing.

4.    Relieve The Tan With Tomato

Besides containing a nutritional value, tomatoes can also benefit the skin. Tomatoes have natural bleaching characteristics that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and lighten sun-tanned skin. Tomatoes prove great for skin rebuilding and help shrink open pores and control spots.

How to use: You can swap your bath soap with tomato-based soap, which helps in deep purging your skin and clearing excess oil and blemishes.

In A Nutshell

A woman can do as much as a man. All they need to do is be strong with beautiful skin and revolutionary thoughts.

Empower yourself by purchasing the best skincare products this women’s day. Contact Skinsation Naturally and vanish all the traditional myths on women empowerment.

Feel beautiful in a new way this year with Skinsation Naturally!

Ways To Treat Damaged Skin Barrier

Ways To Treat Damaged Skin Barrier

Skin barrier plays a highly significant role in providing adequate skin protection. Our skin consists of layers. The outermost is called the stratum corneum, also regarded as the brick wall. The skin cells in this region are pretty tough, known as corneocytes that connect via lipids. In other words, this is the skin barrier.

There is keratin and natural moisturizers present inside the skin cells. While cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids are present in the lipid layer. Without the brick wall, your skin can become a victim to pathogens and immensely harmful environmental toxins. With a damaged skin barrier, your body will experience extreme dehydration due to water evaporation. Basically, you are likely to suffer from intense health problems without the skin barrier. Therefore it is vital to incorporate only the best skincare products to avoid grave skin concerns.

Factors That Can Damage Skin Barrier

Interestingly it is not only the external factors but some of the internal ones that can also lead to damaging the skin barrier, such as:

  • Extremely dry or humid environment
  • Skincare products with harsh chemicals
  • Usage of steroids
  • Pollutants or allergens
  • Over exfoliation, irritants, or usage of alkaline detergents
  • Genetic factors that can lead to skin-related allergies

How To Know If Skin Barrier Is Damaged?

If you are experiencing any mentioned below skin-related concerns, your skin barrier is likely going through some damage:

  • Discolored patches
  • Inflamed areas
  • Skin infections such as fungus or bacteria
  • Itchiness or acne issues

Tips To Save The Skin Barrier In Few Easy Steps

You have to implement measures that can maintain your skin barrier along with the acid mantle. such as:

Follow A Simple Skincare Routine

With natural skincare products, you can see a vast positive difference in the overall skin texture. You can use a cleanser or soap for washing your face. And a good moisturizer for us afterward. With organic products such as Apple Pie Soap or Charcoal and tea tree soapyou can see a significant change and a beautiful glow within a short period. If you prefer exfoliating, then observe how the skin reacts to it. Specific brushes and scrubs can probably damage the skin barrier. However, it is best to contact the dermatologist to opt for the correct skincare products.

Focus On The pH

The skin’s acid mantle is around pH OF 5.7, while certain skincare products range between 3.7 to 8.2. Therefore, it is essential to use the one that lies closer to your skin’s pH value. By balancing the pH levels, your skin can stay plump and smooth. If the skin regimen consists of too many products comprised of harsh chemicals, it is indeed bad news.

Use Healthy-ingredient Moisturizers

Occlusive moisturizers can help a great deal in providing a solid protective layer and at times protect around 99 percent of water loss. It would help if you used the moisturizer suitable for you. A good one will help the skin barrier from going through intense water loss.


Safeguarding the skincare barrier should be your primary concern as it is the vital factor that keeps you healthy and younger-looking. The skin barrier has a significant role in protecting the external environment. You can save your skincare barrier from damage with the proper skincare routine followed by natural skincare products. It is better to look for any signs causing irritation, redness, or other reaction. If you want to recover, the essential thing you can do is simplify your regimen.

With Skinsation Naturally, protect your skin barrier with high-quality skincare products!

Love & Celebrate Skincare This Valentine

Love & Celebrate Skincare This Valentine

Valentine’s day is just a week away, which means you will prep to look best for this day. You might have booked a table at your favorite restaurant and must have also decided on the outfit you will wear for your date. But have you prepared your skin for this special day? Your skin wants love too to look good without even makeup on.

That’s why we bring you some tips on how to get your skin in tip-top shape to celebrate skincare this valentine.

Without wasting much time, let’s hop in!

1.    Emanate Natural Glow With Cleansing

Though makeup can hide your blemishes and polish your look for valentine’s day, there is nothing more lovely than emanating the natural glow. Pollution, dust, and smoke stick to your skin in the daytime, making it dull. That’s why cleansing your skin every day is non-negotiable.

You can simply select a natural cleanser infused with organic ingredients, such as a cucumber facial cleanser or green tea facial cleanser. Such natural cleansers are suitable for all skin types as they are chemical-free and do not hurt skin in any way.

2.    Remove The Debris With Exfoliation

Using facial cleanser daily is a must but exfoliating your skin is also very important. Dead skin cells and oil on your skin clog the pores over time, inviting skin problems like blackheads and breakouts.

Hence, you must use a face scrub to remove the dead skin’s debris and reveal your natural glow. You can also use almond milk facial scrub to avoid rashes or irritation.

3.    Nourish Your Skin With Moisturizer

Nourished skin is an underestimated secret to glowing skin. When your skin is dehydrated, the flakes appearing make you look patchy and dull. That’s why to get glowing skin; it is crucial to moisturize it well with a good moisturizer. You can look for skincare products infused with natural ingredients this valentine; for example, a honey almond lotion will work best for all skin types.

4.    Pamper Your Pout With Lip Balm

Exfoliate your lips the night before your date night with a gentle lip scrub. Removing these dead skin cells will help treat chapped lips and improve the look and application of lipstick.

Just remember to hydrate your lips with your favorite lip balm after exfoliating.

5.    Keep Your Skin Supple With A Healthy Diet

When it comes to self-love and skincare, a healthy diet means a lot because when you are healthy from the inside, it will show on your skin directly. Have food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Eat broccoli, olive oil, seeds, nuts, spinach, watermelon, bananas, etc. it will make your body and skin healthy. Remember to say NO to sugar!

6.    Stay Hydrated With Aqua

Plain water can do wonders to our skin and body. It helps to throw away all the toxins from our bodies and is visibly seen on our skin. So, drink ample water throughout the day and avoid intake of caffeine & alcohol.

Looking For Quality Skincare Products?

Now you know how to love your skin on this crucial day and promote self-care before it’s too late.

If you want to purchase the best skincare products this valentine, contact Skinsation Naturally. We have a range of natural skincare products.

Love your skin with Skinsation Naturally!

How To Unveil The Right Hair Care Routine For Your Hair Type?

How To Unveil The Right Hair Care Routine For Your Hair Type?

Experts say, before choosing any hair care regimen, it is essential to analyze your hair type and the causes for hair problems. A good hair care regime ensures that your hairstyle is nourished, frizz-free, healthy, and strong.

Keep reading to find out the right hair care routine for your hair type!

What Is Your Hair Type?

Straight Hair

Straight hair normally does not curl easily and falls flat from the roots, all the way down to the ends. They are usually soft and silky to touch. Women with this hair type usually have oily scalps that cause the hair to get greasy.

Curly Hair

Curly hair type is determined by prominent curls from the roots down. This hair type tends to be more frizzy and dry than the straight or wavy hair types.

Wavy Hair

This hair type lies in between curly and straight hair. You may notice big, soft curls as it progresses from the roots towards the ends. Wavy hair is usually rough in texture, but it can hold various hairstyles well. So if you wish to curl, straighten, or style your hair in any way, this hair is the most convenient to experiment with.

Coily Hair

Coily hair is also known as African American hair. This hair type is unveiled by very tight curls, which are actually quite fragile and break easily if not taken care of properly.

Recommended Hair Routine For Your Hair Type

Straight Hair

• Use a sulfate-free shampoo that assists you in getting rid of excess grease.
• Wash your hair once in 2-3 days.
• Use a well-lit conditioner and avoid using leave-in conditioners.
• Pick a conditioner that comprises oils like coconut or jojoba oil, such as our Silky Bounce conditioner that is sulfate and paraben-free and made with pure coconut oil.
• Use conditioner only to your shaft and avoid roots.
• Use a volumizing hair mousse to prevent your hair from falling flat at the roots.

Curly Hair

• Wash your hair using a sulfate-free shampoo but avoid using your shampoo on your scalp; it will leave your hair excessively dry and frizzy.
• Wash your hair just once a week.
• Make deep-conditioning an integral part of your hair care regimen. You can even add a few drops of essential oil to your conditioner to keep your hair free of dryness.
• Untangle your hair in the bath after applying conditioner to prevent it from breaking.
• Use a curl-defining emulsion to make your hair loops stand out.
• Invest in a diffuser attachment to prevent frizzy hair.

Wavy Hair

• Wash your hair every 3-4 days using a sulfate-free shampoo such as our Silver Delight shampoo that manages scalp oil production and leaves your hair smelling divine.
• Nourish your hair with an oil massage before washing to keep your hair hydrated.
• Condition your hair every time you wash your hair.
• You can use a leave-in conditioner to scrunch your hair and make those waves prominent.

Coily Hair

• Use a mild sulfate-free shampoo to avert your hair from getting too rough
• Focus on the roots and dodge the shafts
• You can co-wash your hair with a conditioner every 2-3 days a week.
• Deep-condition your hair once a week
• You can use a nourishing spray on your lock every day to keep them soft
• Oil your hair an hour before going for the shower.
• Untangle your hair when you are in the shower once your condition it to prevent breakage.

In A Nutshell

Maintaining a right hair care routine based on your hair type is crucial to nourishing, healthy, and soft hair. This will also prevent hair fall and breakage.

If you want to buy hair care products online, you can contact Skinsation Naturally for high-quality products at affordable prices.

Make your skincare routine more effective with Skinsation Naturally!

Refine Your Skincare Routine For Winters

Refine Your Skincare Routine For Winters

Winter is harsh and can be overwhelming when taking proper skincare. Due to the immense dryness, you need to put in many lotions and moisturizers to maintain adequate hydration. It is vital to pick correct natural skincare products. Otherwise, it can lead to critical skin issues.

At Skinsation Naturally, our organic products work like magic for every season’s skin type. But with the changing season, it is better to make slight changes in the skincare routine for winters.     

Let’s look at the skincare routine you should follow during winters for flawless and silky skin:

Skin-Friendly Cleanser

The humidity levels tend to vary during the winter season, which leads to reducing moisture. Since the air quality is vastly different, our skin needs greater hydration. Therefore, it is vital to opt for a cleanser that can help restore the skin’s moisture barriers and prevent it from getting cracked. It further assists in removing dead skin cells, making them smooth and plump.

You need to apply the right amount of product to give a good coating for optimum protection from dryness. You can apply serums containing hyaluronic acid, facial oil and end it all with a nourishing cream. A thorough coating layer will keep your skin smooth and fresh.

Before going into shower, you can apply a cleansing oil and leave it. Wash it when about to get out and use a quality moisturizer while the skin is damp. Moreover, be extra careful with the lips and eye area as they are sensitive. The skin around these areas consists of very little or no oil glands. During winters, you wouldn’t want to leave these areas bare. Therefore, apply serums and balms so they may get the hydration they require.

Buy A Humidifier

A humidifier can make a drastic difference in your skincare routine. It will help better control the indoor environment and increase the overall air moisture. With optimal humidity levels (40% to 60%), your skin will be able to come out of that drying phase. Most importantly don’t forget to put one in your bedroom.

Natural Ingredients

Organic products are incredible for every skin. Due to the natural moisturizer such as aloe, shea butter, or aloe, such ingredients leave the skin supple and completely glowing. And during cold weather, natural ingredients can significantly impact your skin texture.

Our Citrus Blossom Body Lotion and Lavender Lime Body Wash work like a charm. 

Body Butters

Dryness is one of the biggest concerns in winters, and the best solution is to use Body Butters. Due to their anti-oxidant-based formula, they leave the skin soft for a prolonged period. Some also contain organic seaweed extract that soothes the skin. 


With the changing weather, it is vital to bring minor updates here and there in your skincare routine specially for winters. Since winter comes with a lot of dryness, you may want to use products that provide ample and intense hydration and moisture coating.

Check out Skinsation Naturally’s skincare products to have healthy skin all winter long!