Guide For Fragrance Sensitive Skin

Guide For Fragrance Sensitive Skin

Guide For Fragrance Sensitive Skin

Undoubtedly, it is an act of valor to have sensitive skin and make choices to protect it from all kinds of damage every day. Let alone the fact that selecting the right product is itself an incredibly time-consuming and difficult task. Fortunately, there are solutions out there too. And one of the preferable options is to start and stay with fragrance-free products.

Interestingly, with fragrance sensitivity, you should also be aware of the lavender or rosy scent in the laundry detergent. Prevent yourself from buying, we know it is tough, but your skin will thank you in the longer run. Worldwide, dermatologists also agree that fragrance is one of the most common factors leading to skin-related concerns. It is reported that in the U.S, more than 50 percent of patients have some skin-related issues. 

What Exactly Is Sensitive Skin?

Generally, people do find it quite hard to accept fragrance as the main element of the problem. Fragrance can cause irritation, redness, intense dryness, or even breakout with a sensitive skin type. Also, dryness can result from dehydration, in other words, lack of oil and water that is solvable through proper moisturizing. You can face such issues if your skin’s moisture barrier is delicate. It acts as a strong shield to protect the skin from pollutants, bacteria, and all the unhealthy particles roaming around us all the time. If the skin is dry, it means the exterior barrier is not functioning properly in protecting the inner layers of the skin. All this leads to skin having cracks, in worse cases leading to intense skin allergies such as eczema. If you find your skin becoming redder and irritating, it is time you take it seriously and switch to products exclusively made for sensitive skin. Ignoring or delay will only worsen the situation, and you will end up using expensive creams and facing long medical bills.

How To Live A Fragrance-Free Routine

Start with noting if any product is making your life hard, i.e., causing redness, irritation, or any reaction. Ditch that product immediately. You need to remove that item from your routine completely. Suppose there are products with rigid ingredients such as retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids. Stop using them for a while, then start bringing them to your schedule back gradually. Look for products that contain some of the following ingredients: Essential oils, Shea Butter, Sunflower oil, Squalane, Ceramides, Tocopheryl Linoleate, Tocopherol, Phytosterols, Niacinamide.

If there is any skincare product with a high pH, it can cause redness or irritation. Also, if after-use of a skincare product is causing your skin to feel tight, the pH IS likely high.

Use Organic Products

Your skin soaks up everything you put on it. Therefore the choices you make for your skin must be for its benefit. Organic products work like magic for not just sensitive skin but every skin type. It would help to choose a brand that can offer you simple yet effective and skin-friendly products such as Skinsation Naturally. We have various products, including Anti-aging Bar Soap, Avocado Soap, Rosewater Facial Toner, Cucumber Facial Cleanser, Cedarwood Lotion, and more.

Skinsation Naturally believes in making quality skincare products that do not contain harsh ingredients and offer mind-blowing results for sensitive skin.


We all know that almost all dermatologists and even estheticians agree that fragrance is a major obstacle for people with sensitive skin. A pleasingly fragranced product does catch our attention but taking the harm for the skin is not worth it. Skin is our largest and most significant organ, and it is our responsibility to be exceedingly caring towards it.

Are you ready to try Skinsation Naturally’s incredible products to get smooth and supple skin?

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