Tips To Prepare Your Skin For Changing Weather

Skin For Changing Weather

Tips To Prepare Your Skin For Changing Weather

Skin is the largest and most dynamic organ of our body and is also the first line of defense against many infections. When the weather changes, most of us accommodate our clothes as per the climate, but why don’t we do the same with our skincare products?

When the weather is cold, your skin tends to dry and can even lead to cracked skin if not taken care of correctly. And when it’s hot, your skin can turn oily, and your pores might get clogged. Customizing your skincare routine is crucial for healthy and supple skin.

Following are some tips that help you prepare your skin for the changing weather.

Let’s dive in!

1.    Use Of SPF Sunscreen

There is a common misunderstanding that sunscreen needs to be used only in summers or when the sun is shining bright. Even in cloudy weather conditions and winters, UVA and UVB rays can penetrate and cause sun damage. The use of sunscreen with SPF of more than 30 and UVA/UVB protection is a must in all weather.

2.    Avoid Over-Washing Your Face

Another common delusion is that if there is excess sebum production in winters, one tends to over-wash and over-exfoliate their face. That can strip the natural lipid barrier over the skin and trigger breakouts.

Washing your face twice daily with a good cleanser like a cucumber facial cleanser is sufficient for your skin in both seasons.

3.    Do Not Forget Your Hair

Our hair and scalp are as subtle to changes in weather as is our skin. Thus, using mild shampoos such as mint shampoo with lukewarm water and conditioner help maintain your hair and make them smell good and fresh.

If there is excess sebum production causing dandruff and oily hair, antiseptic shampoos using salicylic acid or ketoconazole may be beneficial. Also, moistness and sun protection of lips and nails are equally crucial as the rest of your skin in every weather, especially in winters, because the lips get extremely dry and chapped due to lack of humidity. In that case, you need to add lip balm like cherry bliss lip balm or coconut lip balm to your daily skincare regime.

4.    Switch Makeup And Skincare Products

You need to switch makeup and skincare products as per the weather. Spring and summer call for more breathable and lighter-weight formulations like serums, mousses, and gel-based moisturizers that don’t clog pores or look cakey. In winter, your makeup and skincare must contain more hydrating items like cream-based cleansers and foundation, cold creams, face oils, etc.

In winters, one tends to use warm water to wash the face and body; ensure using tap water keeps the skin refreshed without feeling dry or stretched.

5.    Watch What You Eat!

You are what you eat! You cannot eat a bowl of chips, wholesome snacks, or fried items and expect to have nice, glowing skin. The adage is relevant, and several skin-friendly foods can help your skin stay soft, supple, and radiant.

Almonds are a wholesome nut that contains healthy fats and Vitamin E, which have been shown to impart anti-aging properties that may benefit skin health. Food containing Vitamin E protects the skin from cell damage and supports healthy growth. Similarly, intake of protein-rich and anti-oxidant-rich food is a must for healthy skin and hair.

Overall, it’s crucial to have a balanced diet that includes seasonal fruits, nuts, and vegetables for healthy skin. Water consumption also plays a big role in keeping your skin healthy and supple. One should consciously drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Avoid salty foods and sugary drinks. If you want to eat something sugary, you could probably enjoy eating dark chocolate.

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Maintaining a skincare regime based on weather is crucial to nourishing, healthy, and soft skin.

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