After Bite


This Afterbite roll on is great made with essential oils to combat those pesky mosquitoes, flies, or other annoying pests. If you’ve ever been caught outside at dusk without bug spray you may also know the frustration of trying to enjoy time with friends while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes or swarmed by flies. This handy little roll-on bottle is an easy way to make sure that you always have some bite relief on hand in your purse, pocket, or bag. I carry them everywhere!

Usage: Shake and apply as soon as you have the bite this will achieve the best result!

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Possible content for a blog! Usually, most people will apply an antihistamine cream to relieve the itch, but that tackles the immune response, rather than the irritant. Instead, it’s better to neutralize the saliva and let your body relax. If you catch the bite right away, using this roll on should help you to avoid even the initial bump, but if you found the bite from scratching and it’s already inflamed, then it could take a few applications and a bit longer.

Now it is true that mosquitoes prefer some people to others. I’m living proof of that. Try camping with me. You will love it! All mosquitoes hunt me down and will leave you alone. Unless you are as tasty to them as I am, and in that case, you need this roll on remedy too!

I’m always surprised at the effectiveness of my homemade roll-on remedies. Even though I use a lot of essential oils and remedies on myself and my family, still I have that jolt of awe every time they work. And why shouldn’t they? Herbal healing has been around for longer than me, or you. The power of plants is something that you can easily harness into a pocket-sized roll-on bottle to help with little ailments before they get out of control.


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