Refine Your Skincare Routine For Winters

Skincare Routine For Winters

Refine Your Skincare Routine For Winters

Winter is harsh and can be overwhelming when taking proper skincare. Due to the immense dryness, you need to put in many lotions and moisturizers to maintain adequate hydration. It is vital to pick correct natural skincare products. Otherwise, it can lead to critical skin issues.

At Skinsation Naturally, our organic products work like magic for every season’s skin type. But with the changing season, it is better to make slight changes in the skincare routine for winters.     

Let’s look at the skincare routine you should follow during winters for flawless and silky skin:

Skin-Friendly Cleanser

The humidity levels tend to vary during the winter season, which leads to reducing moisture. Since the air quality is vastly different, our skin needs greater hydration. Therefore, it is vital to opt for a cleanser that can help restore the skin’s moisture barriers and prevent it from getting cracked. It further assists in removing dead skin cells, making them smooth and plump.

You need to apply the right amount of product to give a good coating for optimum protection from dryness. You can apply serums containing hyaluronic acid, facial oil and end it all with a nourishing cream. A thorough coating layer will keep your skin smooth and fresh.

Before going into shower, you can apply a cleansing oil and leave it. Wash it when about to get out and use a quality moisturizer while the skin is damp. Moreover, be extra careful with the lips and eye area as they are sensitive. The skin around these areas consists of very little or no oil glands. During winters, you wouldn’t want to leave these areas bare. Therefore, apply serums and balms so they may get the hydration they require.

Buy A Humidifier

A humidifier can make a drastic difference in your skincare routine. It will help better control the indoor environment and increase the overall air moisture. With optimal humidity levels (40% to 60%), your skin will be able to come out of that drying phase. Most importantly don’t forget to put one in your bedroom.

Natural Ingredients

Organic products are incredible for every skin. Due to the natural moisturizer such as aloe, shea butter, or aloe, such ingredients leave the skin supple and completely glowing. And during cold weather, natural ingredients can significantly impact your skin texture.

Our Citrus Blossom Body Lotion and Lavender Lime Body Wash work like a charm. 

Body Butters

Dryness is one of the biggest concerns in winters, and the best solution is to use Body Butters. Due to their anti-oxidant-based formula, they leave the skin soft for a prolonged period. Some also contain organic seaweed extract that soothes the skin. 


With the changing weather, it is vital to bring minor updates here and there in your skincare routine specially for winters. Since winter comes with a lot of dryness, you may want to use products that provide ample and intense hydration and moisture coating.

Check out Skinsation Naturally’s skincare products to have healthy skin all winter long!

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