How To Transform Your Skin With The Right Oil

Transform Your Skin With The Right Oil

How To Transform Your Skin With The Right Oil

We tend to emphasize the significance of using quality skin care products extensively. And undoubtedly, they do play a vital role in bringing out a positive impact on our skin. However, we forget about the facial oils, yet they are pretty effective in adding an overall glow and a beautiful radiance to our skin. It could be because most people are unaware of which facial oil to pick as per their skin type.

Facial Oils: What Are They?

Facial oil consists of essential ingredients that can help retain your skin’s natural glow. They comprise antioxidants, vitamin C, and essential fatty acids. They provide the skin with the needed moisture, so you don’t have to worry about dryness. They act as a protective barrier to safeguard the skin from harmful particles and pollution. Facial oils are usually made with a fusion of plant oils, which is quite effective.

How To Find The Right Facial Oil

Every skin type requires different products. Just as you choose a particular sunscreen, the same goes with the facial oils.

Aging Skin

When we talk about aging skin, the first to know is that our skin starts to produce less oil with time. Therefore, the chances of your skin getting dry increase immensely. This may lead to wrinkles. People with oily skin may expect wrinkles to appear slightly late than those with already dry or combination skin. Facial oils can reduce wrinkles due to certain essential ingredients such as antioxidants. They protect your skin from water loss and keep it smooth. Due to antioxidants, your skin does not lose its elasticity and stays away from fine lines.

Dry Skin

If you suffer from way too dry skin, face oil can be your ultimate solution no matter the weather. With nutrient-rich face oils, they deeply penetrate your skin, leaving it smooth for prolonged hours. You can apply a hydrating serum and then a moisturizing oil to lock in all the skin’s moisture properly.

Oily Skin

Like the rule that every skin type needs moisture, even oily skin needs facial oil to stay balanced. Interestingly, these oils reduce the production of excess oil and aid in minimizing the appearance of pores. They can aid in reducing the excess sebum, eliminate grime and fats from the pores.

How To Apply Facial Oils

  • You can start by applying a cleanser or go with a daily exfoliating scrub cleanser to get rid of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. With ingredients such as glycolic acid, you can get rid of dullness and any impurities that can otherwise stick aggressively.
  • The age-old question of whether to apply the moisturizer first or the facial oil has a simple answer. You should use a facial oil on top of the creams and lotions.
  • After applying the moisturizer, use only a few drops of it and gently press it on your face and neck.


Facial oils can bring a considerable positive impact on the skin, provided that you are applying them in the right way and a balanced amount. Also, only a few drops can bring a notice-worthy outcome. After washing your face with soap such as apple pie soap or avocado soap, you can apply a moisturizer and bring the routine to an end by using a suitable facial oil. It is vital not to overdo it so that your skin can get the needed nutrients and have a smooth experience.

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